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Project Description
TaggingField is a client side JScript customization, which turns any standard CRM 4.0 textbox into a tag-enabled textbox. By typing you will get a select box below the textbox showing available tags that come from all records of the same type.

TaggingField is intended to add a simple tagging function for normal text fields (nvarchar) to CRM forms. Available tags wil be determined and proposed based on the content of tag-fields of all records of the same type (same entity).
Furthermore, the selection of tags proposed can be restricted by the value of a second text- or lookup-field to certain records (e.g.: you want to make sure that the jobtitles given in scope of a account will be unique to all employees within this special account --> set tagDependsOnFieldName to "parentcustomerid" and set tagDependsOnFieldIsLookup to true).



  1. Navigate to CRM customizations, open desired CRM entity and form, choose form properties, open OnLoad event
  2. Paste the downloaded JScript code
  3. Make sure you changed the tagFieldName value to the desired text field an choose the correct entity by tagEntityName
  4. If you don't like to make the tag list dependent on a separate field value set tagDependsOnFieldName to "" (empty string)
    1. If you set a condition field please make sure that tagDependsOnFieldIsLookup is set to the correct value
  5. Check the behaviour configuration parameters to configure the script to your needs:
    1. tagMatchFromStart = comparision will match input-string against tag-items from the beginning if true (default: false)
    2. tagMinimumMatchChars = defines the minimum length of input before suggestions will show up (default: 2)
    3. tagMaximumInList = defines the limit of tags proposed (default: 10)
    4. tagToken = defines the character that separates the tags (default: ",")
  6. Save and close the form designer and publish the previous opened CRM entity

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